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English Language/Diverse Learners

Welcome to the English Language Learner and Diversity webpage! Kathy Brenny is the  ESL/ELL/Title 3 Consultant at Prairie Lakes AEA.

Click here for the Language Acquisition Chart.

ESL Assessments
Annual growth assessment : The Iowa English Language Development Assessment (I-ELDA) can be ordered from Northwest AEA.

Every district is required to have a local ELL plan.
Click here for a template that can be used to develop a district-wide ESL plan.

The state of Iowa also provides No Child Left Behind (NCLB)-required documents for school districts in 23 languages. See for details.

Improved services from

Iowa users of TransAct should go to the "special services" folder for additional translations of the NCLB B2, B3, and B4 documents. To view, login to your TransAct account and follow these steps:

1. Click on the "NCLB Parent Notifications" folder.

2. Click on "TransAct Masters".

3. Click on "NCLB-B Important Information Regarding NCLB-B2, B3 and B4-English Only".

Iowa State Department of Education
School districts in the process of writing district ESL guidelines and handbooks will find excellent guidance in the documents from the Iowa Department of Education.
  Click on the Guidelines for Implementing English Language Proficiency Standards in Iowa - Provides Iowa school districts with guidance in the implementation of English language proficiency standards. The ELL standards should be attached to district ELL plans.

Prairie Lakes AEA Contact
Click here to send an email requesting that you be added to the ELL/Diversity listserv for educators in Prairie Lakes AEA. This mailing is a vehicle for exchanging information about teaching strategies, curriculum and assessment, resources, culture, and support information.

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